An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling surprised, scared and trapped. She needs to hear from you. Once she’s missed her period, everything can change – fast. It’s natural to feel rushed to make a decision on your options, but taking time to logically walk through all your options is best.

You may be asking yourself questions like:

  • “Is she really pregnant?”
  • “Am I really the father?”
  • “Why weren’t we more careful?”
  • “What am I supposed to do now?”
  • “How can I support a baby?”

Our team at Choices Resource Center not only helps women, but recognizes the needs of men as a supporter for their partner. We are here to inform you about all your options: parenting, adoption and abortion. Before you decide, make sure your partner confirms her pregnancy with our laboratory-quality pregnancy testing and ultrasound services. They are completely free and confidential. To show your support, we encourage you to attend the pregnancy testing and ultrasound appointment with your partner. 

Always Communicate

Communication is essential for this vital decision-making process. Talk to your partner and listen. Discuss your situation with people who care and that you trust. Make sure to discuss your pregnancy with those directly affected to lessen the stress on you and your partner. But ultimately, the decision is up to both of you – together.

Receive Support

Our trained client advocates are here to speak with you and provide information about all your options. We believe there are factors you may want and need to know before moving forward with a decision.

Making a decision quickly will not simply make it all go away. We are a no-judgment and no-pressure team. If you have questions or would like to talk with a male counselor one-on-one, please make an appointment with us today.

Contact us today for a free and confidential appointment.