The idea of parenting at this stage probably never occurred to you. We understand. An unplanned pregnancy is a big surprise to any woman who experiences one. We want to help you have as much information as possible before you make a decision.

The Parenting Option

Fear and a lack of finances are the main reasons you might not choose to parent, but we have a number of community resources that can help you. Parenting can be a wonderful, stressful, and emotional journey. Children are raised in all types of situations. Whether you are married, single, or co-parenting, your journey will be as unique as you are. To choose to parent is a lifelong commitment, and you must think through it carefully.

Understanding Parenting

Asking yourself if parenting is right for you is a big question. Believe it or not, you may be more prepared to parent than you think. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do I have support from my partner, parents, or friends?
  • How will parenting impact my job or education?
  • Where can I get financial support to parent?
  • What resources are available to help me raise my child?

Often, a few heart-to-heart conversations with supportive people in your life and a little research will help you decide. There are more resources available to single mothers now than ever before. It really is possible for you to parent independently. We will come alongside you, too.

Myths About Single Parenting

“I don’t have time to be a single mother.”

These days, no one has time. Whether you are working or in school, time management will always be something you will have to learn. You do have time. It’s a matter of prioritizing what’s most important.

“I can’t afford to be a single mother.”

In East Tennessee, there are countless agencies specifically designed to help single mothers. Through WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), single mothers can receive healthy food and nutrition information. You can also receive rental assistance, health and dental care, job training, education funds, childcare, and help to pay utility bills. Our caring and trained advocates are available to walk alongside you as you walk this difficult but extremely rewarding road.

“I don’t know how to parent.”

Unfortunately, children do not come with a manual. No one really knows how to parent until you get there. We offer help through our Earn While You Learn classes. These classes are designed to teach you parenting and life skills. You will learn about prenatal care, bonding with your baby, nutrition for both you and your baby, and so much more. You are able to earn a baby shower worth almost $300 by attending classes. While taking the classes, you are given diapers, wipes, and clothes as well as earn points that can be used to receive other baby essentials such as furniture.

At Choices Resource Center, we want to help with your child or children after they’re here too. We allow parents to participate in our programs through your youngest child’s third birthday.

Making The Choice

Choosing to parent is a difficult decision. At Choices Resource Center, we promise to answer all of your parenting questions and offer the support you need. We promise to give you the emotional, material, and educational support you need. 

You can be a good parent. Love and having others by your side make it possible. No parent is perfect. But with the resources and support we provide, you can be the best parent for your child. Contact us today to set up an appointment and review all of the options and resources available to you!