You may have heard someone mention a pregnancy resource center or recently seen one in your community, but you’re not sure what they’re all about. 

Simply put, pregnancy centers are non-profit organizations and cost-free healthcare centers that offer medical care by licensed professionals for reproductive health concerns, education, and connection with community resources. They also offer resources, such as educational materials, supplies and information about what services are available. 

Did you know that pregnancy resource centers provide broader services than only those for pregnancies? The main goal of pregnancy centers is to partner with women and men to offer practical and tangible support for whatever they are currently facing. 

Pregnancy resource centers are non-profit organizations, meaning that they are privately funded through donors and do not receive government funding. They also do not profit (or make money) from their clients, but provide their services free of charge. They service clients from all social and economic backgrounds, without judgment of their religious background or sexual orientation. 

Some pregnancy resource centers are also medical clinics which means they are under supervision of a Medical Director. These pregnancy centers employ medical staff, keep medical records, follow HIPAA (privacy) rules and offer pregnancy tests and limited ultrasounds free of charge. Pregnancy centers follow their states’ laws regarding informed consent and provide information about client’s rights.

STD testing is also provided at some pregnancy resource centers. All pregnancy resource centers have free STD consultations and provide information, education and referrals to medical services free of charge. 

Pregnancy resource centers provide a variety of resources. Some have parenting classes and an “Earn While You Learn” program, where participants can earn credits by learning about child development and parenting and then purchase supplies for their babies. Some also have support groups for women who have had an abortion.

What Resources do We Offer?

  • Medical grade pregnancy tests
  • Ultrasounds
  • STD testing
  • Parenting classes
  • Material assistance
  • Post abortion support