Ultrasounds are routinely used by healthcare providers to diagnose conditions. If you’re pregnant, they are used to monitor the age and health of your pregnancy, and confirm that it is located in the uterine cavity. 

Pregnancies located outside the uterus are called ectopic and can be life-threatening, so this is just one of many reasons why scheduling an ultrasound is beneficial for your health.

What to Expect If You Get an Ultrasound

If you’re intimidated by the idea of getting an ultrasound, a trans-abdominal procedure is a very non-invasive process! It usually takes no longer than half an hour.

A trained professional, called a sonographer, will have you lie on your back in a comfortable position. They will then rub a small amount of gel on your stomach–the part that needs to be monitored. The gel will not stain your skin or clothes.

Next, they will scan the area with a tool called a transducer, which will emit high-frequency sound waves towards the targeted area and create the digital image we think of when we think of ultrasounds.

The Science Behind How Ultrasounds Work

A transducer, which is like a probe, produces sound waves that are above human hearing. These sound waves are targeted towards the uterus, and then echo back towards the transducer. 

The sound waves are then recorded and eventually create a digital image of the organs, tissues and bones that they reflect off of, which will include an image of the developing fetus. 

Why Ultrasounds Are Important If You’re Pregnant 

Even if you’re still not sure if you’ll keep the pregnancy or not, ultrasounds are still important because they can give the following information: 

  • How far along you are
  • The location of the pregnancy
  • The viability of the pregnancy

These are all facts that can be used to gauge your eligibility for an abortion and to monitor your own health as well. 

Next Steps

At Choices Resource Center, we offer confidential ultrasounds offered at no cost. Once you’ve seen the results of your ultrasound, our trained staff is happy to help you discuss next steps and answer any questions you may have about the pregnancy process. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!