Your pregnancy test was positive, and you have the morning sickness to prove it. As you consider the future, you are uncertain of how to care for a child at this point in your life. 

But before you schedule an abortion, you should get an ultrasound. Here are three reasons why:

1. To prove the viability of a pregnancy

Getting an ultrasound will not only confirm that you are pregnant, but also will provide an estimation of the baby’s gestational age, as well as let you know if you are carrying a single baby or multiple. It will also detect if there is a heartbeat or if you have possibly had a natural miscarriage.

2. It is required by law in the state of Tennessee 

In 2019 a law was passed in the state of Tennessee saying that any woman who is considering an abortion must get an ultrasound first, unless in the case of a medical emergency that threatens her life.

The law also states that the ultrasound must not happen more than 72 hours or less than 24 hours before an abortion.

So if you are considering an abortion, you must schedule an ultrasound for 1-3 days prior to the abortion procedure.

The ultrasound must be performed by a licensed and trained physician with updated and high-quality imaging services. 

However, you may decline to see the images if you choose. Those who make that choice will instead experience “a simultaneous verbal explanation of the results of the live, real-time ultrasound images, including a medical description of the dimensions of the embryo or fetus, the presence of cardiac activity, and the presence of arms, legs, external members and internal organs,” according to the state of Tennessee. You will also be given a printed copy of your ultrasound image regardless of your choice to see the image in the office or not. 

3. To provide you with all the facts for a truly informed decision

An ultrasound provides education about a baby’s development, as well as the condition of the woman’s health, including the size and shape of her placenta and the location of a cervix. 

It will also tell you if you have an ectopic pregnancy or any other complications.

Basically, an ultrasound provides information that fills in the puzzle pieces to give you the whole picture. 

The choice is ultimately yours to make, so anyone who tries to pressure you or rush you into a decision before you have all the facts has their own self-interest in mind.

Where can you get an ultrasound for free?

Here at Choices Resource Center, we offer free and confidential ultrasounds. No need to worry about financing options, copays, or going through your health insurance. Our licensed nurse practitioner will help you take this next step towards a healthy outcome because we care. Contact us today to get your ultrasound scheduled.