Finances often dictate our choices in life. However, at Choices Resource Center, we believe women facing unplanned pregnancies should never have to make a decision based on their financial situation.

If you’re experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, remember that you have options!

Today, we’re answering some common questions regarding the cost of abortion in the state of Tennessee.

Will TennCare Pay for Abortion?

Women seeking abortion in the state of Tennessee will likely be required to pay for the cost of the procedure out of pocket, or without the help of insurance.

Tennessee law states that public funds cannot be used to cover abortion procedures. This includes Marketplace insurance plans and insurance plans under TennCare (Tennessee’s Medicaid program).

Additionally, private plans are not required to provide abortion coverage.

How much does an abortion cost? 

While the out-of-pocket cost of abortion will depend on your stage of pregnancy, Guttmacher Institute lists the average costs as follows:

  • First-trimester abortions = $508
  • Second-trimester abortions = $1,195
  • Late-term abortions = $3,000 or more

What other abortion costs should I consider?

On top of the cost of the abortion procedure, we recommend budgeting for the following additional procedures you might need and potential scenarios you might encounter:

  • Lab-quality pregnancy testing 
  • Ultrasound scans to confirm the location, age, and viability of the pregnancy
  • Additional medications
  • Surgery or care needed in the case of an incomplete abortion or other abortion complications 
  • Lost income due to needed time off for recovery 
  • Travel and accommodation (if required for abortion access) 
  • Post-abortive counseling in the case of abortion-related trauma or other long-term mental health issues

Where can I find a free abortion? 

Abortion is a billion-dollar industry, and while it’s unlikely you will be able to find a free abortion clinic, there are other no-cost resources available in your community to help you during this time.

Choices Resource Center is here to provide you with free healthcare resources, including pregnancy testing, ultrasound referrals, STD testing, and options counseling. However, we do not perform or refer for abortions.

In addition to these services, we’re passionate about walking alongside women through their pregnancy journey and helping them make a choice they feel is best for their futures!